About Us

Street wear taken to the next level. A brand that not only caters to the urban lifestyle but reaches all aspects of fashion.

Our goal is to reach our customer’s inner creativity through the expression of design and fashion. We aspire to be a retailer who caters to the evolving fashion styles of our customers. A retailer who takes advantage of opportunities that come to surface and takes action accordingly. In order to do so, we will move fast and plan smart. “Utilizing more technology and concentrating our resources on those elements most important to our core customers.”



My name is Lara Odupitan, Founder of Toyin LaTour. I have always considered myself to be a free spirit and I always knew that one day I would go into business for myself. Toyin LaTour began simply as an expressive release. I am a visual artist, and finding different ways to express myself is very important to me. One of the main ways I do this is though fashion and the way I dress. A lot of times going shopping is chaotic for me because I don’t like to purchase clothing most people have and I have a hard time finding clothing more my style. So I figured why not just design my own clothing? But what made me want to start my own brand were the reactions I received. People were so supportive and amazed by what I was creating that it made me want to share it with the world, thus creating Toyin LaTour. I hope this company helps people grow just as it helped me. “I may not change the world, but let me inspire someone who can.” -Wale

Toyin LaTour, diary of the misunderstood.

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